Paint Protection Film – Clear Bra


Whether you’re looking to protect the front bumper from some paint chips and bug splatter, the entire front end from road debris or preserve the entire paint job by wrapping the whole vehicle, protection is the goal. Nothing comes close to providing the protection of PPF. No wax, sealant or paint protection coating will ever prevent rock chips in the paint and etching from bird dropping or bug splatter. A good wax/sealant/coating may help minimize etching in the paint, but they cannot prevent rocks and debris from chipping away the paint finish.

Classic Tint offers the service of paint protection film, also called clear bra, for your new or used car. Permaplate Clearplate® is a virtually invisible protection that is applied to the automobile’s high-impact areas to protect the paint finish from damage caused by rocks, salt, insects, and other road debris. It is formulated with a scratch and crack resistant layer with a high-gloss finish. Our experienced professional installers cut the PermaPlate Clearplate® to the specifications of the make and model of your vehicle for a precision fit which will not alter your automobile’s appearance. Without any extra care or maintenance, PermaPlate Clearplate®will keep your investment looking like new.

The durable protection is generally applied to:

• Hood

• Fenders

• Bumper

• Any smooth painted surface of a vehicle such as,

• Door Cups

• Door Edge Guards

• Roof, A-Pillar

• Rear Bumper Deck

• Headlights

• And much more…



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